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Natural Spring Water from Deep Downunder

As local Aussie legends will tell you. Centuries ago, a poor soul named Bones met his ultimate end drowning whilst killing his thirst in the underground bubbling springs, in the sleepy little hamlet known as Little Hampton Village.

After his death legend says that his soul became trapped in an icy polar rock vortex within the springs. Year after year, decade after decade, villagers would walk for miles to source this powerful water, falling from what they believe was his trapped skull. This magical water filtered through the limestone underground caves to emerge as the purest spring water ever known. Villagers still tell stories of seeing the immortal soul of Bones and for centuries believe that to become immortal, you must drink Skull Water. Bones believed in the mystical powers of pure spring water. It’ll kill your thirst and at the same time magically bring your body back to life.

As Bones would say, ‘you shall be immortal my friend.

At least for today.’

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